About Us

I was born and lived in Michigan my entire life. With lake living and outdoor parties being an entire summer event I have played every outdoor game imaginable. From the original ”Jarts”, to horseshoes, washers, ladders, bocce ball, croquet, frisbee and everything in between.

I was looking for an original game that until now, had never been invented.  I am an advocate of disc golf but do not have the time with family and work, to take an afternoon to go to a local course and play. I do not have the backyard size to set-up a course of my own and this is what gave me the inspiration! I started cutting regular throwing discs up to come up with the concept! Once the concept proved a reality I started with the 1st prototype to prove out the product and game.

The Fling A Ring disc is so unique it is patented by design. The unique locking features assist in the disc catching and locking to the opposite post for points. It is a cross between horseshoes (heavy and dangerous), disc golf (need a course and time), and the good old fashion “Jarts” (now outlawed due to sharp points and lawsuits). As a outdoor game player, I thought outside the box to invent a game that was safe and fun for the entire family.

A Family Game

The Fling A Ring game started with my wife, 4 year old daughter and I playing out at the lake. We would set 2 post anywhere from 5 feet apart, for my daughter, to 30 feet apart depending on the skill of the player. The game needs no pits and sets up in seconds. We started bringing this one up game to graduations, picnics, and tailgating parties where it proved to be a big hit for all ages involved! All people who played seemed to have fun and interested. The continued question of “where did you get this game and how do I get one?” I decided to pursue this idea! After making numerous games and selling them to friends and family I applied for a design patent.

If you have any doubts please try the “Fling A Ring game” and see for yourself ! Keep in mind not every throw is a “ringer”! Not every team’s a “winner”! But it is an entirely different and unique game to play!